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Until 1974, the California Supreme Court ruled that pinball was a game of skill that broke its ties to gambling. Since then, pinball has been a perfectly acceptable hobby. If only LaGuardia had been able to see what would happen to video games. Grand Theft Auto would probably have killed him. In Oxford, Missouri, beer was banned until 1972. After that, however, it was still illegal to sell chilled beer, as many believed that selling hot or room temperature alcohol would deter drunk drivers by preventing people from buying as much. In 2013, the city voted to repeal the law. Bad news for constipated: Since the 1980s, there have also been rigorous raids on several legal cold and flu drugs that can be used to make methamphetamine, such as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. These previously over-the-counter medications now often require identification to be purchased. The law is not as blatant as it seems. Before Prohibition, political parties distributed alcohol for free in exchange for votes.

Half the time, the vote took place in a saloon to simply go hunting. Even „I can`t lie” George Washington spent his entire campaign budget on alcohol to distribute in the voting booth. This has resulted in the waste of many people, which has often led to violence. At a party on Election Day in Kentucky, the Hatfields and McCoys clashed. Ellison Hatfield was shot once by three McCoys and stabbed to death nearly 30 times. Suddenly, the idea of giving potentially dual families a bunch of free alcohol didn`t seem like a good idea. Times are a Changin`, and sex is a great one. Previously, it was illegal for you to have sex with someone other than your spouse.

It`s a little strange to think that a company with sex in almost every TV show hid it under the cover once. Anti-graffiti laws in states like Florida and New York turn out to be one of the weirdest things that are illegal, making it illegal to possess „aerosol cans” and „indelible broad-tip markers” on your person. Chances are, if you`re found with them, they`ll only be confiscated instead of resulting in jail time or fines – unless you used them when you were caught. America may be the land of freedom, but it also gives us the freedom to make terrible laws. Thankfully, many of the country`s most ridiculous rules have since been repealed, but it`s truly amazing how many strange things have been declared illegal over the years. Now we can look back at all the laws that would have put us all in jail if they still existed today. Medical marijuana is now legal in more than a dozen states, although it is still prohibited by federal law. The current administration has indicated that federal laws regarding medical marijuana will not be enforced in these states. ( Mississippi used to ban the purchase of cold beer. Well, they used to ban any beer, and allowing hot beer to be sold was actually a step to give customers what they wanted. They banned the sale of cold beer, so people would be less likely to buy and drink beer on the go.

This law was repealed in 2013. In 1973, abortion became legal due to the Supreme Court`s decision in Roe v. Wade. This verdict has clearly polarized feelings on both sides, as it is a battle that is still taking place today in the courts and in the culture as a whole. Although the FDA approved birth control in 1960, doctors could not prescribe it. In 1965, the laws relaxed a bit when the Supreme Court made it legal for married women. It eventually became open to all women, allowing them to have more control over when they have children. Most importantly, he gave us Loretta Lynn`s hit song „The Pill” from 1975. Married couples and single women were banned from using birth control until 1965 — and in the years that followed, it remained illegal for unmarried women in 26 states. The Supreme Court declared the law in Griswold v. Connecticut, and today „the pill” is used by about 10 million women each year; not to mention other hormonal and non-hormonal methods). Mescaline, a hallucinogenic chemical derived from the peyote cactus, has been used by Native American religious ceremonies for thousands of years.

The use of peyote was banned in several U.S. states in the 1920s and 30s, but remained legal in most parts of the United States in the 1960s and was often shipped intergovernmentally to interested parties. Another type of lawbreak we`ve probably all done: public intoxication. Laws vary from state to state about what`s „too drunk” in public and the consequences of that (for example, in Indiana, that can mean up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine; in Texas, you don`t pay more than $500), but there`s a good chance we`ve all bent over backwards. if he has not broken the rule. Unfortunately, the drug has been shown to be more addictive than morphine. Heroin was legal until it proved more addictive than morphine and can cause opioid withdrawal symptoms if its use is abruptly stopped. After hundreds of thousands of Americans had their sore throats relieved, only to be replaced by debilitating addiction and long-term stays in a drug rehabilitation program; Heroin use was severely restricted in the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914 and completely banned in 1924.

Im 18. und 19. In the nineteenth century, most states followed the „rule of thumb,” according to which a man could legally beat his wife as long as the instrument of abuse was „no wider than the thumb,” which obviously varied according to the size of the hand and the lord. Although many states decided to ban domestic violence in the late 1800s, others still considered it a „private matter” between a man and his wife (read: property), and even those who punished partner abuse interfered only if there was a witness. It wasn`t until the 1970s that women`s groups succeeded in getting society (and the government) to recognize the seriousness of the problem, with the opening of the first shelter for battered women in 1974, less than 30 years ago. In Mississippi, it was illegal to sell cold beer in a store. You could sell it at room temperature, but put it in the fridge, and you`d be a criminal. If you were in a restaurant, buying a cold beer was perfectly fine (except on Sundays, when all alcohol sales were banned).

Also technically illegal, you`ve probably done it if you`re trying to be very careful with your driving or if you`re trying to determine if you missed a turn. You would have to go well below the speed limit to get the attention of the police, but you wouldn`t be the first person to be named for it. Traditionally, a woman was considered a „legal minor” under the supervision of her husband, who was her legal guardian (instead of her father). Until the 20th century, the legal system of „blurring” stipulated that a woman`s rights at the time of marriage were „subsumed by her husband.” For this reason, women had few rights or autonomy outside of marriage – giving them few opportunities to be prosecuted in cases of sexual assault by their husbands. With the greater visibility of women`s rights issues, the conversation about criminalizing marital rape began in the 1970s, but it was not banned until 1993. However, penalties vary from state to state, with South Carolina still requiring sexual violence of a „high and aggravated nature” to prosecute it. Yes, your poker night could very well be illegal – although you should invite big players. The Illegal Gambling Act of 1970 states that he must have more than $2,000 in revenue for a day of gambling to technically violate the law.

But it`s not impossible that a long night of high-stakes Texas Hold Em could lead you down this path of illegality. In Michigan, they don`t need fancy vocal styles for the national anthem. They want the song to be sung directly and to the point. Her love of the anthem became law when she made it illegal to embellish „The Star-Spangled Banner.” If you wanted to put the anthem in a medley, you would be committing a crime. Fortunately, there were no remixes when the law was passed, as that would certainly warrant a prison sentence. It was illegal in Kentucky to buy alcohol on Election Day, especially when polling stations were open. This law was repealed only a few years ago, in 2013. Now, you can at least be drunk if you are forced to choose between two candidates you hate. These are the simple things in life. Most of us know the dangers of illegal drugs. According to a report from the Philadelphia Drug Rehabilitation Centers, along with the risk of addiction, serious health problems and other unwanted side effects, there is also a risk that a drug user will be punished if caught. Depending on the drug and the region, this punishment can include anything from a warning to a long prison sentence.

But this has not always been the case. Many drugs that are severely restricted today were once commonplace and completely legal. In fact, not only were these drugs available, but they were also recommended and promoted by medical professionals, often with unfortunate results. .